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The Sublime and the Ridiculous: Week 5 in the NFL

There was plenty more fun and frolics in week 5 of the NFL. The Neutral Zone breaks down some of the more memorable moments…

From the sublime…

The Detroit Lions have not been 5-0 since 1956. Until now. A 24-13 victory against the Chicago Bears in front of the Monday Night Football cameras cements their unbeaten start to the 2011 season. It was a slow start to the game and Detroit trailed 10-7 at half-time, but 17 second-half points propelled the Lions to victory. Jahvid Best ran for 163 yards, averaging 13.6 yards per carry. Calvin Johnson received five balls and still made 130 yards. When these guys have the ball they’re hard to stop. It’s been a sublime start to the season for Detroit and the way they are currently playing, it might just continue for a while.

It’s been a long time since we’ve seen a touchdown like the one at Indianapolis’ Lucas Oil Stadium on Sunday that helped the Kansas City Chiefs to a four-point victory over the Colts. It defied gravity, and for the most part defied belief. Take a bow, Dwayne Bowe. His touchdown catch in the endzone was something to behold. One moment he was falling over, the following moment he was in the air, then next he was doing a star-jump/cartwheel on one foot. And all the while he was catching the ball with one hand. Part poetic, part balletic, it was mainly very dramatic. Thank God for NFL’s Red Zone coverage, and thank God for Sky Sports having the good sense to allow us to access it.

Who’s going to stop the Packers? 14 points down in Atlanta and stay still find a way to conjure up a victory. And a comfortable one at that. They can win ugly, they can win pretty… but they just win. And Aaron Rodgers finished just four yards shy of 400. St. Louis and Minnesota are next up for Mike McCarthy’s men – two teams with only one win between them. The trip to San Diego in November might tell us a little more.

To the ridiculous…

Last week it was Jeremy Maclin who was stripped of the ball as the Eagles threw a big lead away en route to defeat against the 49ers. This week Jason Avant outdid Maclin, fumbling twice in the second-half to help the Bills to victory in Buffalo. But the most ridiculous moment of this game came right at the very end. Facing a Buffalo 4th and 1, with barely 40 seconds on the clock and zero timeouts remaining, Philadelphia knew that the Bills offense would try and draw the Eagles offense offside. Time then to stand firm and let Buffalo kick, right? Right?! Not if you’re Juqua Parker, the Eagles’ defensive end, who thought it would be a good idea to get a run on Buffalo and subsequently jumped before the snap. Yellow flag. Game over. As if five turnovers wasn’t bad enough, these crazy, stupid msitakes are killing this Philadelphia team. That moment of madness from Parker smacks of a team that is just not adequately prepared to win football games.

Tom Brady has never thrown an interception in the red zone at home. Now that is truly a ridiculous statistic. Or at least it was. No, really… that was a true story up until Sunday. In the final play of the first half at Foxboro against the New York Jets, the Patriots were in the red zone, and looking like they would increase their lead with a field goal at the very least. But Tom Brady obviously wanted a go at a touchdown first, and his arrowed delivery reached the hands of Rob Gronkowski in the endzone. However, the tight-end could not hold on, and Jets corner-back Antonio Cromartie gratefully accepted the ball with open arms. This was just a great Tom Brady statistic, but now it’s gone. And it wasn’t even his fault.

Guess how many false starts the Chicago Bears committed in Monday night’s loss to the Lions? Nine. Yes nine! With six of these coming in the first half. Anyone who stayed up to watch the game on ESPN will most likely have been seeing yellow flags in their sleep. The Bears are struggling to get anything going on offense. Jay Cutler had one of his better games, throwing for 249 yards, yet they could only amass 13 points. Giving up over 100 penalty yards doesn’t help. A home tie against the Vikings this weekend should see them back up to .500, but Adrian Peterson lies in wait for a defense struggling to stop the run.

Another place in the ‘ridiculous’ column this week for the Giants’s Victor Cruz. Last week he drew our attention for crazily giving up the football against the Cardinals. This week he’s back in again, for a simply ridiculous salsa dance following a very nice touchdown against the Seahawks. Seriously, what does this guy be thinking? It actually wasn’t too bad, but he’s got a bit to go yet if he wants to fill Hines Ward’s tap shoes.

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